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Custom Design Elements

216 Sixteenth - 5
While this building lobby has plenty of artwork, the elevator area was accented with a custom designed light installation. Seven individual fixtures were layered together to form a focal point. This leaves the floor space open and wall space is mostly dedicated to the original brass elevator doors. A custom security desk was designed to mimic Colorado's mountain front range. Client - Columbine West 2 LLC #artwork #interiordesign #architecture #decor #interiors #lobby #lighting #custommillwork #artconsulting #artconsultant

Clifford Still Museum

20Feb2020 - 1
A museum designed and built for the work it was to display. Is it any wonder the work glows in the natural light filtered through perforated concrete ceiling? I could spend hours immersed in the color and depth of these vast paintings. The blacks, sometimes very prevalent, actually lift the
20Feb2020 - 3
works up and not weigh them down.

Clifford Still Museum
1250 Bannock Street
Denver, CO 80204