About Art Diacritics

Spaces come in all shapes and sizes but for Art Diacritics the only space that matters is your's. We aim to bring more creative enjoyment of your space by connecting you or your business with local art and artists. Whether your goal is to create space that is productive, communal, quiet or personal, we can provide options that will inspire you.

Art Diacritics works directly with memorabilia collectors, established collectors, as well as young and up and coming as well as established artists throughout Colorado. In addition to artworks, we can provide design for custom installations, millwork and custom lighting solutions. Allow us to help you with your corporate, residential or hospitality creative art needs.

Our Process


We begin with collaboration, your vision, your artistic taste. What is it you are looking to create?


This is where we research artists and their work, history or any relevant information. Determination of investment or luxury purchase of work, overall project budget.


Where we put it all together. Upon completion of research and
curating of work, we will present our ideas for your feedback. We will include options where relevant and assist you in pulling the collection of work together with other interior design choices.


We will assist in installation of work, recommend contractors or install smaller works ourselves.

Daniel Marschman

Founder and Creative Director
You could say I’ve been working on starting Art Diacritics most of my life. Born and raised in Denver Colorado, I have been interested in local artists and the local art community for a long time. Early in my career I was a member of a cooperative art gallery, when Denver’s art scene was still in its infancy.

"Born and raised in Denver Colorado, I have been interested in local artists and the local art community for a long time."

I guess that is the best way to describe it, but there has always been plenty of art and no shortage of talented artists. The progressive cutting edge galleries were relegated to the outer extents of town, which have now become upscale residential communities. This growth has opened up the opportunity for Art Diacritics to fill with locally curated work for local businesses and residences.

Later in my career I turned to architecture and interior design. Architecture opened up new avenues and I discovered designing custom millwork, lighting and displays.

I’ve spent the last 25 years helping clients reach their creative potential and desires through interior design and art.

"Architecture opened up new avenues… I discovered designing custom millwork, lighting and displays."

When I look back over my career, the highlights have always involved art and the artist community.
ART Diacritics