What is Art Diacritics

First, let's look at the definition of diacritic. Commonly known as "accents," diacritic marks are seldom used in the English language but are common in most European and Asian languages. Squiggles, lines and dots hover above or attach to letters to distinguish their sound, accent placement or definition.

Diacritic marks are important in language. They affect he pronunciation and even the meaning of words. We chose "Diacritics" because we believe Art is as important to good interior design as a cedilla or tilde to the art of language.

di-a-crit-ic / dĪ-e-'kri-tik ▪ From the Greek diakrinein, "distinguish from"; ▪ Adjective: capable of distinguishing; ▪ Noun: accent; ▪ A special mark added to a letter to indicate a different pronunciation, stress, tone or meaning.

Art Diacritics is a knowledgeable art consulting service and curator, specializing in locally sourced art. We can also help with exploring interior design concepts such as custom lighting, creative wall murals, custom laser cut floor patterns, and custom millwork design.

At Art Diacritics, we believe the right artwork can distinguish as space. Art can provide the critical meaning or dynamic you are looking for.

Art can accent. Art can define. Let Art Diacritics help you accentuate your space.

Art Diacritics